New javelins with temperature and humidity measurement

We recently discussed the convenience of installing wireless javelin probes in warehouses for four main reasons: they are cost-free to install, they are easy to use, they can be moved from one warehouse to another, and they are also scalable. In this way, you can verify the system in your facility before making a major investment. 

Responding to our customers’ requests and within our continuous improvement program, at Gescaser we have developed a new version of the javelin with more features. In addition to being wireless and measuring the temperature, the new version of the javelin incorporates a sensor capable of measuring the humidity of the cereal.

With these new javelins, the supervision tasks for the optimal conservation of cereal in warehouses are no longer based solely on temperature control, but rather can monitor both the temperature and the humidity of your stored cereal.

Thus, within optimal quality margins, the two values can be combined to determine the maximum storage period.

Generally speaking: the lower the moisture content, the higher the acceptable temperature..

Let’s see an example.

The period of 6 months can provide an example: grain quality will not be reduced after half a year if the grain moisture content is equal to 12.5% and the temperature is 25 °C [point C on graphic]. The second example for the same safe storage time of 6 months is: the grain moisture content equal to 17.5% and the temperature 5 °C [point D on graphic].

Safe storage
Drying and Cooling Grain in Bulk - Hand book, Part I by A. Ryniecki

As you can see, the new javelins provide you with very valuable information on the status of your grain. And, the more information you collect, the more facilities you will have to keep the grain in optimal conditions.