CTC+ Desktop software

That provides detailed and continued information of temperature and moisture of the stored material at differentes levels.

Display window

  • Floor plan of the installation.
  • Plan view of the probes of the selected silo.
  • Information of silos, probes and sensors.
  • Thermography: thermo-graphic view of the temperatures at the selected height.
  • Current filling level status of the silo.

Graph window

The information history of all the sensors installed in the storage plant is stored in a database that generates graphs for a better control of your grain.

The graphs allow to visualize, for each silo and at different heights within it, the following parameters over a period of time:

  • Temperature: allows the visualization of heating trends or cooling processes.
  • Moisture: shows the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) helping user to prevent fermentation or hotspots.
  • Filling level: shows the quantity of cereal stored by visualizing loading and / or unloading cycles.
  • Ventilation: allows to control the number of hours the ventilation has been working.

Raw materials storage integrations:

CTC+ can work with any production process that allows the following protocols: OPC or Modbus.