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CTC lite, the new App for cereal control

CTC lite

After a year of dedicated work, it is now a reality. 

We have recently launched a new app to be able to monitor grain temperature without having to rely on cables or distances. 

This new CTC lite App is available for free through Google Play and Apple Store to download.


What exactly is the CTC lite?

The CTC lite is an enhanced version of the previous software CTC Android. It is a mobile App to monitor the temperature of the stored cereal from anywhere and at any time.


What are the key enhancements of CTC lite?

This new App has many advantages compared to its predecessor.


1. It can be used anywhere and from any device

In addition to being able to visualise temperature data without the need for wiring, CTC lite allows you to have multiple installations within the same app and, as a user, you can select and change from one installation to another in a very quick and intuitive way.


2. Data can be shared between multiple users

CTC lite allows several users within the same installation to have the app installed on their individual device. If one individual takes a temperature reading, all the other users with granted access will be able to visualise it by sharing the temperature information.


3. It can be used in areas without signal

You can use CTC lite offline when taking temperature readings on site. As soon as the device is connected to internet, all data will be uploaded and you will also be able to check historic data.


4. Data can be exported and analysed

All temperature readings are stored within the app for graph visualisation and to be able to analyse temperature trends. 

In addition, all data is available through and can be exported in CSV format, which can then be treated using a spreadsheet software. 

Temperature alarm and heat map

How far do you see the red on a traffic light?

In order to help spotting and identifying high temperature values from your stored grain, the CTC lite app allows the user to specify a temperature of alarm so that any sensor exceeding the selected temperature is automatically highlighted in red. 

This helps visualising at glance the different temperature sensors of the installation and check that there are no high temperatures that could potentially be a source of problems. 

Similarly, a colour code including green, yellow, orange and red has been established to help easily identify hot spots.

Would you like to know more? 

Feel free to contact us for more information or DEMO request.