Month: April 2021

A world of possibilities

Have we ever met? 

If so, you will know that at Gescaser we manufacture temperature and moisture probes. Our systems are designed to monitor the cereal conditions and its status during storage. 

Controlling the grain helps preventing its deterioration and, with it, serious economic losses. 

We have numerous examples that we could explain to you.


A new stage begins

After more than four decades and hundreds of international clients, the time has come to share everything we have learned. Advice and information about the different tools will be shared in this space to help you preserve your grain in the best conditions. 

Because… you know what? 

If you are a grain producer and need to store it, you may already know that anticipating is of outmost importance. Due to temperature and humidity conditions, the presence of insects can lead to quantitative losses and even depreciate its quality. 

So, to avoid this situation, anticipating is necessary. As the saying goes: Losers react, Winners anticipate.


Losers react. Winners anticipate

We do not intend to convince you; we just want to show you the different possibilities available to you. And this is because we know first-hand that having a grain monitoring system is necessary to prevent future issues. 

We have been learning it since 1973.

Will you join us?