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Fill level detection
Insects control
Cloud App platform

The CTCPlus system will consist of ATEX compliant multi-sensors nodes for measuring grain temperature, moisture and insect concentrations at various levels in the silo, and for accurately monitoring fill level.

The measurement data will be transmitted to a central cloud-enabled control platform that processes and analyses that data for controlling the optimum ambient conditions in the silo to prevent losses due to spoilage of the grain by insects and fungi, and to obtain maximum market value for the grain by conserving the stores in a perfect state of temperature, moisture and maturity.




An H2020 SME Instrument project

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Remote CTCPlus grain logistics platform




Temperature and humidity graphics.

Historical data.

Print and export to a file actual and history data.

Ambient temperatura and humidity.

Alarm and early alert systems.

Personalize your cereal information.

Fill level detection.

Automatic control of ventilation by psychrometric charts.

App and Web access.

Communication and dissemination

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